Complete Interior & Exterior Car Detailing

Step By Step How We Detail Your Vehicle

Exterior Detail

Step # 1 Pre Inspect Vehicle Exterior
We go over each inch of the vehicle to see the condition of the paint, locate any micro scratches or deep paint scratches and scuff marks. We also look for vehicle problem area's which the customer should be notified of, such as missing or damaged parts.  Only done By a Master Detailer

Step # 2 Complete Auto Superwash
The most important step in car care is a proper cleaning. We do a custom cleaning by hand using Griots Speedshine spray and minutely detail the entire exterior surface of your auto where needed. We also clean and detail all inside door jams, around the inside of hood and around the inside edge of the trunk. We never forget the area inside of the gas filler cap.

Step  # 3 Paint Preparation
We apply Griot's Paint Prep. which strips all old wax off of the auto in preparation for the next stage.

Step # 4 Paint Cleaning Clay
Paint Cleaning Clay leaves behind an ultra smooth surface which removes all contaminants from surface and will make your wax adhere better and last longer, too. Clay is safe for all paint and also works great on glass to get it squeaky clean.

Step # 5 Polish Auto Surfaces
There are two safe ways to go about polishing your painted surfaces: by hand, or our Machine Polishing System ® using the 6 speed Orbital Buffers which remove most fine scratches & swirl marks and clean your paint surfaces in preparation for wax application. Using a 6 speed orbital buffer, we will produce a finish that cannot be matched by hand.

Step # 6 Application Of Griot's Paint Sealant
Paint Sealant gives protection yet still provides a fantastic look that you only have to apply once a year.  Use Paint Sealant  if you want maximum protection.  It's the best polymer product Griot's has brought out in years !

Step # 7 Application Of Griot's Vinyl & Rubber Dressing
For any type of protectent to work well on rubber and look good, the rubber must first be properly cleaned. Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner removes any old silicone, waxes, and dead rubber from the surface and prepares your rubber properly for the use of protectent. NO silicone oils, petroleum distillates, waxes, or other dangerous solvents that can harm and dull the surface of rubber and vinyl over time. The Vinyl & Rubber Dressing cleans and protects in one step while leaving behind a non greasy satin finish; the way tires and moldings are supposed to look! Special ultraviolet (UV) blocking agents create a protective coating to help keep your surfaces from cracking, fading and hardening. Thoroughly biodegradable.

Step # 8 Completel Re-Inspection Auto Exterior
Each and every inch of the cuistpmer's vehicle is re-inspected to see that may have been missed; such as taking off any polish, wax or vinyl dressing; or failed to completely finish the vehicle per our stringent detailing specifications.  This step is only done by a Master Detailer.

Interior Detail

Step # 1 Complete Inspection Of Your Vehicle's Interior.
Only done by a Master Detailer

Step #2 InIterior Vacuum
Your vehicle is completely vacuumed and the carpet is cleaned with our Interior Spray and than re-vacuumed. The trunk area is done as well.

Step # 2  Application Of Griot's Vinyl & Rubber Dressing!
We apply Griot's Vinyl Dressing to all vinyl & rubber surfaces to protect them from deterioration, it cleans and protects in one step while leaving behind a non greasy satin finish.  Special ultraviolet (UV) blocking agents create a protective coating to help keep your surfaces from cracking, fading and hardening.  Thoroughly biodegradable.

Step # 3  Apply Griot's Leather Care Products
All leather is treated with our Griot's Leather Care product which replaces vital nutrients and will clean soiled leather surfaces. Leather Care is a highly concentrated liquid that penetrates deep to replenish the natural oils of your leather fibers.  It also gives it that new car look and smell! 

Step # 4 Complete Re-Inspection Auto Interior
We completely re-inspect vehicle interior again. Each inch of the vehicle interior must be re-inspected to see that we have not missed any area. Only done by a Master Detailer.



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